Welcome to the Unofficial Brakspear’s Web Site
This is the web site for you if you want to find out more about Brakspear’s pubs and beers. Perhaps you have tried a pint of bitter in a free house and wondered what other beers they brew. Or you may have visited one of their pubs and wondered if all the others are as good. Well now is your chance to find out! Welcome to the site!
'Busy Bee' Foden steam lorry
The Busy Bee, Brakspear’s Foden steam lorry,
delivering to the Little Angel at Remenham about 1900.
A brief word of explanation
This website was put together during 1999 and has scarcely been updated since. For the last few years it has been sitting on the hard drive of my computer and has now been published as a resource for anyone interested in the history of Brakspear’s pubs. About one third of the pubs mentioned on this website are now closed, and so this is something of a memorial to a vanishing estate. It is also a memorial to Ian Dixon, who has now sadly passed away without ever completing our alphabetical tour. Had he lived, our next pint would have been in the Rising Sun at Highmoor.
Malcolm Kinross, January 2008