W.H.Brakspear & Sons; Beer range 2001.

All the following descriptions have been taken from the brewery's advertising material. The first four beers are brewed all year round, all the others are seasonal. For last years beer range click here. For the 1999 range click here.
XXX mild

XXX Mild ABV 3.0%

A light bodied real ale with a red/brown colour and a sweet malty, fruity aroma. The well balanced taste of malt, hops and toffee has a faint bitterness, complemented by a sweet fruity flavour, having a hint of black cherries. The beer is an ideal luncheon/session ale.

Bitter ABV 3.4%

A real ale, amber in colour with a good fruit, hop and malt nose. The initial taste of malt and the well hopped bitterness quickly dissolves into a predominantly bitter-sweet and fruity finish. Known locally as “Brakspear’s Ordinary” it is our best seller and should be called “Extraordinary”.

Special ABV 4.3%

A real ale, with a golden red colour and well balanced aroma with a hint of sweetness. The initial taste is moderately sweet and very malty, but this is quickly overpowered by the dry hop bitterness, before a slightly sweet fruitiness. In every way a discerning pint.
Old Ale

Old Ale ABV 4.3%

A distinctively full bodied real ale with a red/brown colour and a strong fruity nose. Its pronounced taste of malt, hops and roast caramel gives way to fruitiness. The after taste is bitter-sweet chocolate. Very much a highly acceptable beer waiting to be discovered.

Resolution ABV 4.4% (Available January 2001)

Banish those memories of over indulgence and rash promises, put temptation to the test with Resolution. Brewed in a traditional way but using toasted barley for easy drinking. Resolution - well worth 'braking'.
Ted and Bens

Ted & Bens ABV 4.7% (Available March 2001)

Ted and Bens is the real thing. 100% traditionsl English beer from rural Oxfordshire and 100% organic! Cleverly brewed without finings to also be Vegan friendly. Conscience without sacrifice.
Henry on Thames

Henry on Thames ABV 4.6% (Available May 2001)

Henry thinks he has a bit of a continental style like a fine wine. With backbone... long and clean... and with an elegant finish. The truth is he's good honest beer. Oxfordshire born and bred.

Downpour ABV 4.5% (Available July 2001)

The long range forecast is for persistant showers of malted wheat with perhaps a light sprinkling of Worcestershire Hop later on. Temperatures will be on the cool and refreshing side. "It's brolly good" and gone before you know it! (Just like an English summer.)
Leaf Fall

Leaf Fall ABV 5.1% (Available September 2001)

As the weather hardens and the leaves turn to vivid reds and browns so should the beer. Wheat is a 'soft' and 'rounded' grain ideally suited to dark roasting like coffee. Just like good coffee the best-roasted wheat gives delicious aroma in an autumn beer.
'O' Be Joyful

'O' Be Joyful ABV 4.8% (Available November 2001)

Rich roast malts and dark brown sugars are blended to provide rounded and warming body whilst the classic Brakspear yeast yields its spicy citrus and dried fruit aromas to produce a real Christmas pudding of a beer. Best served without custard.
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